Millennium Falcon - Docking Bay 94 Diorama - 1/241


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Hi guys,

This is the process of building the Docking Bay 94 diorama in approximately 1/240 scale. For this diorama I will use revell's falcon (03600). For the construction of buildings I will use sytrodur and details from parts from other scale models. I plan to illuminate the diorama with small SMD LEDs (9V power supply). As I don't have a 3D printer, none of the details will be printed.
This is also my second diorama ever so I'm not an expert.

This is what design looks like without details (made in Autodesk Invetor). The diorama has dimensions of 300 x 200 mm.


And this is how the process of painting the mini falcon looked like. At the beginning I added legs (as the model does not have them in the set). I took the legs from the Bandai Y-wing 1/74 kit. I also made the entrance to the falcon from which the light will also come out. I used Vallejo 71.119 as the base color. After applying the colors, I misted the surfaces with gray paint (71.046 + 71.048). As the surface seemed too dark, I did the same, only with 71.119 to lighten the falcon slightly.



I'll give an update in a few days. I plan to cut out the buildings and put the lighting in the falcon.
Always a cool project to make sitting here in the docking bay.
Thats a very small Falcon. I'm currently painting the MPC one, which is already small enough and is a challenge trying to cram in the details.

Korben44, who unfortunately ended up being banned, made a 1/350 and then was working on a 1/72 version, although I don't think it was shown finished here.
I like to compare things I build with others, as it might help with a reference, or to see how each other goes about something.
Heres a link to his whole build thread, may or may not help, but just incase it might.


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