Millennium Falcon Alternative Early Concept Version


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Wow, thank you all very much for your comments, you’ve probably already seen most of the photos in this video, but I’ve put this together

Not sure how I missed this thread, but that is stunning....

Very cool, buddy...

Absolutely love it.
Beautiful concept, build, paint, weathering...all of it.

Well done.
Thank you Jimmer
Taking a mysterious “Rosetta Stone“ Image of the origin of the Millennium Falcon and creating a model for those who appreciate learning its history. Great thread and photo‘s
Thanks Searun
Great model/paint job:cool::cool:
Thanks Joberg
To be honest, when I saw the first concept images I wasn't sold on the design, but you've really brought it to life with your own spin on it and a good eye for detail. Very well done sir!
Thank you Regis
John!!! Wow!! Seriously WOW!!

This is truly Spectacular!! Please keep pics coming!!

You have created such an amazing, fantastic Model!!

It really looks like it belongs with the original ILM Models.


Thank you Sean, really honestly, I’m honoured
Thank you Jamesfett


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