Mike Mignola comics Hellboy costume.


Mike Mignola is my all time favorite artist and I think it's a shame that so few Hellboy costumes don't draw more inspiration from the Hellboy comics. Here's the look I'm trying to replicate in my costume.
2012-06-20-hellboy_companion.jpg hellboy4_lg (1).jpg

Here's what I've got so far.

Here's the torso.

The Right Hand of Doom.

And the head.

I had to jimmy rig some tailoring on the sleeve to get the right hand to fit.
20150324_182440.jpg 20150324_182547.jpg

Most everything has been sculpted with a dremel out of eva foam and hot glue. I still have to make the belt, the various charms, the shoes/hooves, darken the the top of the trench coat, and of course give all the pieces a good paint job.


I really like the profile of the face. are you going to cover it in latex or paint it?

I'm going to prime it with something like plastidip before spraypainting the rest with a red rustoleom or krylon paint. The rest of the detail will be done with brushes.


Incremental update on the pieces.

Gonna paint them soon. The plan is to use some patches of ModPodge to smooth out the rough edges, seal everything with Plastidip, then give everything a bas coat of Krylon paint. Hand painting all the details after that.

I've also started on the belt. I put a layer of the eva foam in the belt to give it thickness and a more comic book-esque feel. It's going to be dyed afterwards to get it less red.


The thing about ModPodge is, a lot of places online advocate a lot of thin coats in order to not cover up details. But I need this ModPodge to fill in the cracks and I'll accentuate most of the details with the paint job. I'm sort of skeptical of how this thing will sand when it's dry. Fingers crossed.


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