Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Cosplayers


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It's been a long while since I was last on here. So if this has to be in a different topic please move it.

Reaching out to Cosplayers in Illinois.

Currently looking for Power Ranger cosplayer who have the original MMPR get ups that would be interested in making a small fan film. Well like a fan made trailer.

i would need the:

Red Ranger
Black Ranger
Pink Ranger
Blue Ranger
Yellow Ranger

I am currently making a Green Ranger costume and will have it be inspired from the Bat In The Sun video. If you're a ranger with the the original non BATINTHESUN suits in Illinois and would be interested in donning the suit in a video in Oak Lawn Illinois send me a PM. If Cosplayers have the BATINTHESUN undersuit for all the colors from SnakePit Studios or somewhere else and are interested also send me a PM. Which ever style suits have more I will choose either original or the BATINTHESUN inspired colored ranger ones. Any race or ethnicity for the rangers are welcome. We're not staying true to the TV show but more so having fun.

Most likely won't start until around next fall. So right now it's just finding people who would like to be in it. It's like a teaser to what could be a MMPR Film, teasing the Green Ranger.

Anyone interested send me a PM.


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I have Blue! :D
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