Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie '95 Helmets


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I finally moved into a house with a workshop again and got these out of storage now I can work on them again.

The Black Ranger helmet is a cast from the production mold that I obtained from one of the prop makers that worked on the film a few years back. The cast was rough due to the mold being so old and has required substantial body work.

The Red Ranger helmet was obtained from an RPF member years ago and had no idea of the lineage. Its obviously a cast of a cast that has come from the production mold or from a screen used item, but I have no idea of which.
This helmet was previously painted, but unhappy with the body work and the paint job I spent hours stripping the helmet back to basically bare. One more session and it'll be ready for some more bondo and lining up the two halves for a more perfect fit.

I have a male chest piece from the production molds too, so I'm looking forward to being able to display these as full busts.






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Finally down to just the helmet. My advice is to not use primer filler if you ever intend to strip something back. One hell of a job.

This is the helmet after a good scrub with some soapy water to get rid of any left over stripped paint residue.
20181126_153710.jpg 20181126_153716.jpg 20181126_153721.jpg

I've seen several people asking about stripping paint jobs from helmets in different forums over the years. If anyone is interested in how I did it, feel free to pm me.

For reference, this was the helmet before the paint was removed

So next up will be fixing the air bubbles that were filled by the primer filler. Then some more extensive body work to get these halves to line up more perfectly.


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Thanks for the in progress shots. Looking good. Interested to see the chest piece when you start on it. I have a Red Ranger cast from a TV stunt mold, so I know how much work you're having to do!


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I got another chance to do some work to the Red this evening.

You can see that the front half kind of slumps and the back half sits higher at it's crown
Masked off the back half and "skillfully" applied bondo.

After tidying that up I did the same with the back

After tidying that up you can see it is a lot closer to where I want it to be. Just a bit more refining to go.

I'm dreading neatening the teeth up. Thank god for emery boards.