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  1. BlueSteel

    BlueSteel Guest

    Hey yall quick question:
    I do foam builds but currently don't have a heat gun. I'm pretty much broke as it is so I was wondering if I could throw my foam pieces in the microwave to heat them up instead XD stupid, I know, but has anyone else tried this??
  2. meowz0r

    meowz0r Active Member

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    If you have a Harbor Freight store around you, a heat gun only cost about $12. They usually have a sale on it and they have coupons for 20% off.
  3. BlueSteel

    BlueSteel Guest

    Thx bro. Ya I'll probably just end up getting one. It's on my list for sure for my next project but I'm just so tired of meeting setbacks with my current build ;)
  4. meowz0r

    meowz0r Active Member

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    Yeah, I understand.

    It's better to do things properly the first time than having to go back and correct yourself.
  5. BlueSteel

    BlueSteel Guest

    Ya haha not quite sure what you mean but I'm sure it's something smart :D
  6. Motuxmen

    Motuxmen New Member

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    And I wouldn't recommend microwave. Can melt the foam. Not typical but possible. If you have a lamp that "could" work as a quick temp fix. Right around the bulb gets hot hot. But if buy a heat gun. After the sale and coupon at harbor frieght I paid 6 bucks.
  7. meowz0r

    meowz0r Active Member

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    Sorry. By that , I meant: Do it right the first time (using a heat gun), than having to go back(fix mistakes create by the microwave).
  8. BlueSteel

    BlueSteel Guest

    Ah I gotcha :)
    I was more curious not seriously considering shoving foam into my microwave XD
  9. Hoplitespear

    Hoplitespear Well-Known Member

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    You could use a hairdryer. Some of them go pretty hot, hot enough to start shaping foam.
  10. fishertime

    fishertime New Member

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    I had used microwave oven last week for some templates to bend.
    It was important to adjust time.
    But I recommend you to use a heatgun or hear dryer
  11. The Full Armor

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  12. SuperFLY

    SuperFLY Well-Known Member

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    yeh oven would be better over microwave but nether are ideal.
  13. Yrien

    Yrien Well-Known Member

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    I did see one tutorial where they used the heat from the stovetop, rather than the inside of the oven. You'd have to be really careful not to burn yourself doing that, though!
  14. Dean

    Dean New Member

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    I'm concerned how readily accepting everyone using heat guns to heat the different kinds of foams used here, foam that was manufactured without the intention of it being heated. Who knows what kinds of fumes are being released during the heating and what you're inhaling?
  15. sandbagger

    sandbagger Sr Member

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    We are touched by your concern. Would you like to do some research, perhaps some controlled tests where you could measure and quantify potential hazards and return to us your findings? That would be lovely.
  16. Venomsuit

    Venomsuit Member

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    I've wondered about this too.

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