Micronauts Glider Pack, used tv to outline proper scale. Needs Clean up


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So, I got a micronauts glider pack. Took picks, use the height of the micronaut vs the size of the pack to figure out correct proportion for avg person.


Then put it on a tv, made it correct size and drew the outline and some details. The bottom of the pack just mirror image and overlap to line up.
PacktopLeft.jpgpacktopRight.jpgWIng1 001.jpgWing2 001.jpgWIng3 001.jpgPackbase 001.jpg

Anyone want to clean this up?


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So, whoever made the "GearGenerator" website, THANK YOU!!!


GearAligned.png6 and 5/8 inches distance between gear centers...magnify on computer screen and trace out to cut out


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First I see a M.A.S.K. thread and now this? I'm in late 70's early 80's heaven. Looks great so far, can't wait to see how it turns out.


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OH WOW! That brings back SO MANY memories!!! I played with my Micronauts and Biotron until they fell apart!

Looking forward to seeing this finished!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane! :)


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So, any good advice on sculpting sculpey helmets? I started with aluminum, resined it, and now making outet layer outa sculpey. How do you get a smooth, round look?
Do I need to spray mold release?20180504_210933.jpg20180504_123622.jpg
Should I shout these questions to sound more like Robin Leech?
I will be using paint on mold stuff, for the helmet.


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Using Smooth-on rebound 25. Does Sculpey need to be sprayed with release agent? Will release agent mess up the sculpey? What is the speed of an unlaiden swallow?


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20180507_111741.jpg20180507_115153.jpg wingin it20180507_120956.jpg

Meanwhile, the helmet it soakin in silicone20180508_134305.jpg I will sand out the roughness after casted-ed20180508_151626.jpg