Micheal Keaton back has Batman???

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Why not skip The Flash altogether and just do Batman Beyond? I only saw the pilot of that cartoon and perhaps a few early episodes but the premise of an older Bruce Wayne passing the torch was cool. I'd much rather see that than have to watch the Flash (a character I know nothing about and have less than zero interest in) just to catch a glimpse of Keaton in the suit again.

Idk. It just seems like if Keaton is the major draw of this movie and no one's really interested in the Flash in the lead of his own movie..... just make a Batman movie. No? Am I crazy? lol
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Yeah it is kind of funny that Batman is the focus of the Flash movie. They should have instead called it Flashpoint since it looks like that's the story they're going with (although I already see some unfavorable changes they've made).

By the way for anyone who's never read Flashpoint and wants to see it in this movie rather than read the comic then don't look up too much about it if you're worried about spoilers. All you need to know is what you saw in the trailer which was very little.


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I wonder how the front wheel is supposed to turn left or right.
On a real motorcycle, the front tire is typically only turned at very low speeds. I'm talking "feet on the ground, walking the bike out of or into a parking space" type speed. If you could turn the front wheel at even moderate highway speed, it's an instant crash. Bikes at speed are turned by the rider leaning the machine. If you've ever seen motorcycle races on a speedway, on turns the side of the bike will be just a few inches from the horizontal, with the rider's knee the major limiting factor, as in the photo.

Fortunately, I believe it would require Herculean strength to turn the handlebars at speed. I say "I believe" because I was never crazy enough to try, due to fear of flaming death. But in any orientation of a tire other than being aligned with the bike's motion would result in an immediate exponential increase in rolling resistance, which I would guess is beyond human strength -- so the same force that saves you there is the one that would kill you if you could overpower it.



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I say skip the Flash movie, skip a Batman Beyond, and just give Keaton another Batman movie. Dye the guys hair, use stuntmen, and bring back one of, if not the Best modern Batman ever.
I don't disagree, but if they want him to have hair they're gonna' have to provide it 'cause Keaton has lost quite a bit of hair over the years. Unless, of course, they're doing their own version of "The Dark Knight Returns" with Bruce Wayne/Batman being much older. I actually wouldn't mind that approach if they handled it properly, but I'm not sure Keaton is physically capable of it.

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