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    Hey there,

    I'm interesting in scratch building a model of the crazy Michael Jackson Robot from the film Moonwalker. For those who haven't seen it, at the end of the movie MJ is saving a bunch of little kids from an evil drug dealer played by Joe Pesci. Inexplicably, Jacko starts to transform into a gigantic robot. Here's a scene of the transformation.

    Michael Jackson - Robot Transformation Scene - YouTube

    As you can see, his form basically shifts throughout the scene, which would make it difficult to settle on one static design. I've narrowed my plan down to two options:

    1) Simply base my design off of the video game version of the robot. You can see from the image below that it is well lit in the game and would be relatively simple to replicate.


    2) Find the most detailed behind-the-scenes shot that I can and simply base my design off of that particular stage of the transformation. With this, I could definitely use your help to find some photos!

    The good news is, we have access to the photo below of the robotic head in great lighting and detail.


    Having access to this is fantastic, and could be easily replicated at whatever scale I desire.

    So has anyone else conducted research on this in the past? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Hi mattkelly,

    How's your progress going on the MJ Moonwalker robot?

    Which scale are you going to make it?

    I own a 1:1 scale Moonwalker robot stage 4 bust.


    I'm looking for someone to sculpt the final stage version

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    It looks like a Smooth Criminal. :D

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    This is the original screen Used [​IMG]
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