MIB neurolizer flash


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Hello all, I’m thinking that for this Halloween I’ll be sporting a black suit and shades. And what better prop that isn’t the noisy cricket than the neurolizer to go with the costume.

I’m thinking of 3D printing it. I’ve seen several models but I may commission my own or actually improve my modeling skills.

I don’t want to build a static prop though. Ideally I’d like it to pop open, but the biggest thing is the flash. The tip giving a bright flash would make it so perfect. The factory entertainment replica is way out of my price range, even though it is beautiful.

The flash on the replica is great. I’d like to emulate that or even make it brighter.

I’d also like to paint it as chrome as possible. I’ve never really painted something chrome. All in all I’m hoping this project will teach me something. Plus I can use my neurolizer for evil.

Does anyone have any ideas for this? Im thinking maybe the flash from a disposable camera? Are those still a thing?

Regardless, I’m not too familiar with working with electronics.

If anyone has any information or link to other threads, I’d appreciate the help greatly.
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