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I think I have all that have been made, except for Japanese keychain version and the one that comes with Agent J figure from MIB3 that converts into a space sled. Thought I'd share for any interested.



A - one from Universal Theme Park. A bit oversized, but top pops up with spring loaded mechanism and button activates light/sound. The dials are simply stickers and do not turn. The batteries are two button cell behind button control panel. Not sure if these are even still available, but probably the best one for cosplay as it pops open and has light/sound, which is what most non-prop-collecting people remember most about the prop. i think these were $12 to $20 from park but go for $30 to $50 on ebay, which is a bit insane IMHO. not sure if they are still available from park or not.

more pics:



B - the one just released from DISGUISE. Cheapie costume toy, but not too bad overall. Close to exact size of actual prop, but you have to slide it open manually and NO light or sounds. Would have been cool if they had chromed it. Oh well. This is for people who wanna go to office halloween party of bar party and have something to play with -- or something that helps others understand that their black suit and sunglasses id REALLY a cool MIB costume, cause otherwise they'd just be wearing black suit and sunglasses. about $12

more pics:





C - one that came with MIB playset from Galoob. Smaller than actual prop but nicely made and dials really turn -- only toy that has this feature. No light/sound and no pop-up action. not sure of price as i got it so long ago -- maybe $15 to $20 for the entire playset which came with sunglasses, alien detector thingy and one other thing i can't recall at the moment - maybe an ID card or wallet

another pic:


D - Burger King (?) happy meal toy - lights up when you press control button. Not too shabby for a fast food toy, actually.

more pics:



E - Burger King (?) happy meal toy -- this one does NOT open at all, but when you click on top it lights up the red light and a little pen pokes out bottom so you can write with it -- kind of silly

another pic:


If there are others out there I don't know about, please list them.

Wish DISGUISE or other costume company would have done 1 or 2 of the guns.
Thought about get the toy, but when I saw the size I passed... It'S not like the Jack sparrow compass or the jack sparrow toy sword, where you can make really good looking props from these toys...

It's just a toy, and will always look like one...

At the moment there is no good alternative for the real prop, right?

But thanks for all the pics. :thumbsup
i wasn't suggesting they could be easily converted to look like screen-used props, but A & B certainly work well for costume parties or simply clowning around with friends. As much as I like the FE and MR replicas, it is hard for me to take them to work and play around with them much as other people inevitably want to handle them...and i'm okay with anyone tossing around a $12 toy...not so much a $400 replica. ;)

that said, i would imagine you could repaint A or B and possibly even add moving dials if you wanted to, but in the end, no matter what you did, it would still seem to have a bit of toyish appearance.

Funny thing about the dials -- even if you DID replace them on toys and make them screen-accurate -- 99% of the time others never SEE them because the dials are facing YOU and not THEM. This is why I wish ALL the toys had the red flashy light -- because THAT is the part people see, the part they remember.
Im not that "put it forever behind glass" guy...

Even if props are in display, sometimes I have to take it our and play around with it... I have a $2000 proton pack, and if I dont put it on my back and play with it, why I have it?!? :)

Of course I wouldn't take the neuralyzer with me to a costume party, halloween, whatever, but I would play with it (not the whole time:lol )
ha -- i do indeed play around with the FE replica, but until i win the lottery, it is hard for me to NOT remember that if i drop it, it's gonna REALLY ruin my day. :)

i have lots of sci fi/fantasy toys and models - i almost always pull toys out of their packages so they can be played with -- i do have kids that like to play with dad's "old stuff" from time to time, but the prop replicas are off limits.

if they REALLY wanted to play around with a lightsaber, communicator or some such, i would buy/lend them an appropriately priced TOY version. I did this for my high school son's friends who went as TOS Trek crew -- lent them some of my tricorder/phaser/comm toys, which cost about $20 or so each, NOT my nicer replicas which cost $100 to $400 each.

i understand about the GB backpack -- wish they made a toy of THAT! i also understand that some have no issue with casually playing with more $$$ prop replicas...but that ain't me. not knocking those who do, just not my style is all.
I'Ve seen kids (2 or 3 years old) on convention, playing around with MR lightsabres, and because it'S too big for them, they slide it over the ground...

:eek :confused:wacko

So, I think it's different when kids play with stuff or I play with stuff. I know the value, so Im careful when playing... ;)

Anyway... I wish they would do a more cheaper neuralyzer or just something like a replica with no function.

A lightsabre I can get for under $100, so a neuralyzer in that price range should be no problem... Sadly there are not too many props from MIB, and next to the paper prop stuff, I like t have more 3-dimensional props. And next to the sunglasses the neuralyzer and the standart gun are the most recognizable props. So, I think it is possible to make a pretty good noisy cricket from the toy, but I wish I could make a good neuralyzer replicas from one of the toys...

Or is one of them really useable just for showing it up next to the business card?

What about B? could it work with a simple sanding/primer/chromespray paint plan?
tough call.

if you simply wanted one to set out on display, i guess B would indeed be your best bet as far as a cheap toy to modify. you would wanna strip it down, cut off buttons and replace with thinner dials...perhaps more, depending on how accurate you wanted to try and make it.

Either that or keep an eye on this forum and see if anyone got a metal kit from one replica maker or another and never got around to putting it together. Seems like I saw one or two listed like this over the years.

good luck.
Ive been looking for both B and C for a while but i can never find them.

"B" was just released by DISGUISE, and can be found on ebay or at Big Bad Toy Store online for $12.

"C" was made back in 1997 by Galoob when first movie came out -- there was one on ebay (with entire playset) but it was a bit pricey.
I like the (D) neuralyzer it looks like a nice variation of one. Any idea when it was released?
I don't have office parties, I only go to conventions and various costuming events, so I'm not worried about bringing an expensive prop. The people there all know the fragility of props or at least know it is valuable, so I know it's in good hands when they look at it.
Here is the (B) toy with the center tube covered with aluminum tape. I'm still working on it, but this is a very easy way to improve it. This is by Disguise and is $12.99 at Spirit Halloween.


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wow, nice. how far do you plan to take it? tape top and bottom? Inside? replace dials? Whatever you do, please post pics...thanks!
wow, nice. how far do you plan to take it? tape top and bottom? Inside? replace dials? Whatever you do, please post pics...thanks!

I plan to do everything you mentioned except replace the dials.

I have no interest in the MIB3 neuralyzer as a prop but the toy version of that has electronic sound and light and can be found on clearance for about $5. I haven't taken the electronics out of that to see if they would fit the MIB version, but I plan to instead incorporate the MIB3 version into a case to work like it's a demo button for the MIB.
Is the MIB3 Neuralizer useful as a prop?!?

In the film it appears to have a modern display like an iPhone. The toy has a static, printed fake screen like the ones on a dollar store toy phone. It talks in K's voice, flashes blue and makes noise. A nine-year-old fan of the movie will probably think it's great. I don't think I could make this look like a prop and I'm really not Interested in the MIB3 version anyway.
Thanks... saved some bucks... When I saw it the first time it looked like a neuralizer from the first 2 movies, haven't seen the 3rd movie yet...

It looks very similar to the MIB1+2 Neuralizers, you're sure it is the same?
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Hey guys, new to the forums, just thought I'd share some pics of the Disguise neuralyzer toy taken apart. Want to modify it to have spring loaded action, a flash (probably a combo of a disposable flash and red leds) and I've got some smaller LEDs that flash red/green and red/blue that I think I'll put on the knob area for effect. Not too concerned about screen accuracy, just want to make my Halloween costume better.

The part that slides out has tabs on each side that guide it on rails that keep it from leaving the handle as well as a tab inside the handle that fits the indent below the "button" panel. The handle and sliding tube have the slightest of tapering which usually stops the slider at the right moment. Pulling on it all the way doesn't damage anything, it just moves the tabs out to the very edge. I ended up pulling the slider out from one side and broke a tab, which surprisingly doesn't effect the performance of the sliding at all, it just lets it come out at the end if you pull it past the normal stopping point.

The handle and endcap appear to be one piece, and note that there is some room at the end in the handle where the slider stops. This looks like it could be enough room to allow for some kind of a spring, will let you know if I get something to work. I can't get my calipers down into the slider enough to get a measurement for the D shaped hole, but its about 15mm. AAA battery fits with lots of room, looks like AA would fit as well.

The slider splits apart along the sides and would easily come apart if not for the top endcap, which is a seperate and solid piece that is glued on. I found that if you hold the two pieces apart and sort of scissor them back and forth most of the glue comes free. I did break a small piece of the slider while doing this, but its hidden within the cap.

Looking closer at the inside of the endcap there's a stub that fits in a notch on the slider piece (this is where the piece broke off). It keeps the endcap from being twisted, which explains why it wouldn't come off that way.

I've got mixed feelings about this toy. On one side, it was a cheap case that just begs to be modified, but it would have been a lot nicer if they had designed it to come apart easier. I may go out and see about gutting an MIB3 neuralyzer toy for the sounds and solder in my own lights, and thinking about using a toilet paper holder spring for the sliding mechanism. That's all for now, sorry for jacking the thread with my long post.
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