MIB III SHotgun Replica


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I was reading an old post about the cancelled MIB III replica weapons,

And after seeing the MIB III movie again, I still really like the designs of the weapons, and thought about making a replica myself,
The shotgun is the perfect size, and has a great design,

I want to 3D print the parts on my printer, but I am not very good at cad 3D drawing from images, and it has some real complex shapes, so it's going to be a learning experience :)
I found the images in the gallery section, but I would need more detailed images, and information about the overall size.

The shotgun was displayed at the 2011 or 2012 ComicCon, and hope some members here have some more detailed images of the Shotgun that I can use :)

Side s.jpg


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    Side s.jpg
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I am still struggling to get the body shape looking correct, but I like the look so far :)


I still have a hard time determining the overall dimensions of the Shotgun.


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Whoa amazing work so far, if you do a run of these count me in! Always looking for Mib stuff, hopefully you do the entire lineup since the replica companies haven't put out much for a while lol
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