MGSV: Diamond Dogs Sneaking Suit (Work in Progress)


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As in, the sneaking suit Big Boss wears in Phantom Pain shown in some of the E3 and other gameplay footage:


I wanted something new that hasn't been done, as I've already had experiencing making MGS3's Naked Snake using U.S. Marine pattern Tiger Stripe Camo and making my own STABO Harness from real, vintage military surplus and aircraft hooks.


After 2 years of cosplaying this same suit, adding little bits and pieces of improvements, I think it's finally time to give it a rest and attempt a new project. This project is still in it's design phase however, as I'm still looking into how exactly I'm going to put this together since I've never made armor type cosplay before. I've been researching methods into which motorcycle armored suits are built for example, because they're tight fitting but still armored and tight like an MGS sneaking suit.


I'm beginning to settle on using Kydex as my main material for making the plates, I've built a pair of vambraces in the past using sealed EVA foam and coating it in fiber glass resin but I did not like the results, it remained too weak for my needs...which as a martial artist, include being able to at least run and maybe do a roll or two for exhibition sake without having my armor crack on me:

From what I've read about Kydex, it's very similar to Worbla in the sense that they are both thermoplastics that are heated and shaped but as I've read, Kydex is stronger and cheaper, perhaps because Worbla allows for more detailed work and has more general art applications, while Kydex is mainly used in the other areas

The other topic I wanted to cover in the design phase of this project is the actual "texture" or layering they seem to use in this particular sneaking suit, as the previous ones have been thinner and more like Navy SEAL, diving or tactical wetsuits while the DD's suit has very clearly, muscle shaped armor plates particularly in the vest area:


As you can see, there's a lot of creasing, I'm not sure if I would use a thin layer of black leather or if I'd be better off avoiding the unnatural wetsuit look of the armor and going straight for a plated look on the entire suit, here's another pic:


As you can tell, I'm still very undecided on how I'm going to achieve the effect I'm looking for in this suit, by all means please share with me any insight you more veteran prop makers may have as to how you'd go about it. Thank you for reading, I look forward to updating my thread further as the weeks go by.


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I've finally decided to go with Kydex as the material for my plates, after some light research it led me to discovering more about SCA (Society for Creative Anarchy) martial arts/medieval style recreation fighting:

From that thread specifically, I enjoyed the technical read from the link to Dark Victory Armoury which seems to
specialize in their own polycarbonate type plastics method for use in SCA fighting in which they claim is of better quality than Kydex because it can resist extremely cold temperatures, it's an interesting read on how to properly make effective armor:

And finally there's this guy- Kydex plating on Kevlar:

As far as my design theory goes, the armor from the Kydex plating should work just fine on a softer material and I'm settling on leather as my main fabric for areas in between the plates. It's been hard finding images for reference and it's rare to see cosplayers get the sneaking suit looking right- so rare in my opinion that I've only found one I've liked but unfortunately she doesn't seem to reply in her devianart page:

I suppose that next on the list is getting my hands on some quality foam for padding and leather, as I doubt I'll have the funds to get a hold of anything like Kevlar for this type of suit and it wouldn't really give the look I'm going for...anyways I should receive my Kydex order from Amazon in a few days so looking forward to getting started.

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I'd really like to see the new sneaking suit brought to life, Subbed for future updates!

Thanks friend, I look forward to actually getting started on the design phase by today so I can have something ready for when my order of kydex gets to my house here in Texas. I'm still comparing screen caps from the sneaking suit in-game and what little I have on Yoji Shinkawa's concept art to sort of gauge where I'm gonna take this:


To be honest, I'm starting to not like the super edgy, "tacti-cool" muscle armor vest area but I will certainly try to stay true to the design.
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The Kydex finally came in, wasn't in a rush though as I'm still making the design of the suit fit to the proportions of my body by using craft paper and a tailor's measuring tape:


I've noticed particularly in Shinkawa's concept art the presence of those circular things on the thighs as is customary of sneaking suits, I read a while back that they had some sort of purpose involving countering high altitude plane detection methods but I'm not too sure- regardless, I'll be adding the iconic "Shinkawa's Circles" as I've nicknamed them to my suit. The real task however, will be making that prosthetic arm design...

On another note, I've also noticed the suspender-type straps on his muscular ballistic vest- didn't think I'd ever have a use for these old things:

Another problem I've encountered is that I can't seem to find a good high-res shot of the back part of his sneaking suit, other than maybe watching the gameplay demo vids and pausing them when he's got his back to the player's camera. I'll continue to update by the end of the weekend, thanks for reading and I'd still be much obliged for any tips the community has.
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Minor update: Patches came in a few days ago, I haven't worked on the main project which for me right now is making that vest area but I'm looking into using 1050 ballistic nylon since it seems like a pseudo flak jacket



Did you just have a SPIE harness sitting around? Took me forever to find one for sale, haha.
Those are some nice looking patches, I still need to grab some.


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Did you just have a SPIE harness sitting around? Took me forever to find one for sale, haha.
Those are some nice looking patches, I still need to grab some.

They're easy to make, I had a tutorial I found using google that teaches you how to sew one together- just need the right strapping. I bought army surplus parachute harness straps dated 1964 (yes, the year Snake Eater takes place) online from Omaha Surplus but they're based in Texas, you may find a better place near you. Mine's a STABO harness however, I will need to re-sew it into an SPIE.

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It's been one hell of a summer, thanks to two very terrible online courses I was taking with my local college (that I had to get out of, whom I'm still fighting about getting a full refund) and playing the Witcher 3...well let's just say I simply haven't worked on this project like I should have. There's still a lot to be done in terms of design, luckily I had some help yesterday to measure my back area with a measuring tape because I had "eye-balled" the general size of the armor for my back by looking back and forth from the few pictures I was able to screencap of his suit:



Here's how my design came out:

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