Meteorite Raku Bio


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Here is one that was just finished recently-- This is ceramic RAKU with actual pieces of Campo Del Cielo meteorite embedded into the head. I will get some better pics in the next day or so.

Very Awesome! I love Raku Glazes!! In college I raku'ed the **** out a few things.(if that's even right). What did you put in your buckets before you cover them after you pulled them out of the fire? Newspaper? Hair? looks like paper.
Those new pics are awesome! Love the way the Raku came out on the dome!

Yeah man Raku is one of those Trial and error things and no two pieces will be the exact same but each piece will be awesome. that bio look awesome man! Try throwing in some Horse Hair in with one of them. The hair makes a awesome effect on the Raku Glaze. What type of bed are you setting them in after you pull them out? Sawdust?

The way we did it was after the ceramic reached the right temp, we pulled them out of the kiln glowing red hot. then quickly set the piece in a bed of sawdust and covered it with a metal bucket with newspaper, hair, it(different things react different with the Raku Glazes) we would push the buckets into the saw dust to seal it. If the bucket had a hole in it, we would put a water soaked towel over the bucket to seal the small holes(if any) where the smoke was coming out.

When you pulled the glowing bio out, did you get that "I think my eyeballs are going to melt" feeling? I pulled about 50 pieces of all sizes from the kiln with a 3 foot set of tongs and the heat from all of the glowing red pieces started making my eyes and sinuses water uncontrollably. God I loved it!!

Susan Budge taught me everything I know about Ceramics/building with Clay. Hell of a Ceramics teacher and working artist.

Here's a link to her site. If you're interested in checking out some of her work. It's pretty cool/odd. I believe she has a couple pieces on display in a couple of Museums.
I was hoping someone would ask that question!!!! You really aint gonna believe it-- I bought a Butterball turkey breast roast-- They come wrapped in this string mesh. I always take it off before I cook it cause it pulls the good stuff off the meat when its cooked!! So I washed it up, didnt know what I was going to do with it at all.
When I was working on this, I saw it lying there and pressed it into the clay -- left it there and when it was fired it burned out.
After firing, glazing and RAKU firing-- there ya go!!!

Oh yeah, those are actual pieces of meteorite in the there too!!!

Im willing to bet it would work great on a paint job as well. Lay it down over the area to be painted after you apply your base colors, spray it again and then pull it off.

Anyhow, If anyone wants one of these from your own bio-- contact me and I will make it happen.
there are lots of pics in my gallery-- decided to not post a lot of them here-- go check them out for sure!!!!

OK-- one or two!!!

dont click on em as they are really large-- Im resizing everything today.
Eaglewood you are one talented MF :D (y) Seriously sometimes stuff that are recycled or does not cost much can do some magic.... for example I wanted to make a glossy effect on my bio helmet by spraying some hair fixative on it ... not only it did a glossy effect buut it made a white-ish patine effect for weathering... I was pretty amazed by that, so i let it on it.

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