Limited Run Metal Noisy Cricket from FIRST Men in Black (1997) AVAILABLE

The Dude

Sr Member
Here is the one I got from Nick's Dad. Very proud and happy I have it. Really rare now. Totally machined. Not cast.



  • 03C3F34C-0F26-4180-BCB0-769A4AF7CA1C.jpeg
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  • B6E75CF2-DE91-4645-98A1-030EF273E008.jpeg
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  • 82321EB7-2BFF-4CF0-BD35-3CE1DFA62944.jpeg
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Garrett Smith

Active Member
My parts are terrible with large pits in them. I've been asking for instructions for months with no luck. Can I send this back for a refund? It pretty much junk.


Master Member
well I think Elilay completely gave up on the rpf. He is still very active on etsy though with lots of new items available. Really a pity, he was offering nice things but his communication is horrible.

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