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Hey all! It's been a while since I've been on this thread, wasn't getting any notifications about it for some reason! A lot has happened since then with the kit being featured on Tested with Adam Savage which was absolutely insane! The traffic from that video allowed me to open up a second run which is current in production. I have also just completed my run of finished replicas which I'll make a separate post on here about soon.

There's a few posts on here of people sharing their finished blades and they all look amazing! Fun to see all the different interpretations, weathering styles, and colors! Thank you all so much for the amazing support on these! Making metal replicas like this is always expensive and a but of a risk, but your support has made it all worth it!

In addition to the vibroblades, I also have another run of my Beskar Ingots in production, and we are in the early design process of a potential metal Jedi Holoprojector replica. I'm very excited to get the next run of vibroblade kits into your hands and to bring some new props to life in new materials! As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions on replicas you'd like to see made, feel free to drop me a message!


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Now here we are, the finished replicas! Back when production on the kits started I knew I wanted to do a small number of finished vibroblades. I've made a fair amount of finished resin ones, but of course had to take a different approach working with metal.

I started by scuffing all the parts that would be getting primed with a fine grit sand paper. This allows the primer/paint to adhere a bit better to the metal. From there was one of the most time consuming parts of the process, the chipping. To achieve the chipping effect, I hand applied liquid mask on 45 individual parts. I did this over a few days instead of one sitting to stop from going insane haha.

Liquid Mask.jpg
Liquid Mask 2.jpg

After all the liquid mask was applied, I primed everything in self etching primer, painted with a custom mixed blue, and then hit it with a matte clear. With so many layers on top of the latex masking it was a bit harder to peel away than usual, but nothing time and care can't fix!


After the blue parts were done, I assembled all the parts and weathered them. For weathering I used oil paints as they stick to the metal better than acrylics. It's not invincible, but won't come off unless you're really rubbing at it. I also went in with some sharp sculpting tools to add scratches to the blue paint.


The final step was to glue in the wires, and then they were completed!



This has definitely been one of my favorite projects to work on and I'm very happy with how they came out! This run is only 15 replicas and at the time of writing this there are only 7 left. They're avaible via my website here: Metal Mandalorian Vibroblade Prop Replica

Hopefully this quick post will help some people who are/will be working on finishing their own vibroblade as well!


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Congrats on the infusion of folks seeking out your high quality made items! Totally looking forward to seeing the Metal Jedi Holo-Projector and Beskar Ignots!! It's going to be crazy for you gotta love free advertisement and exposure. Wishing you great SUCCESS!!! (y)(y)

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