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Hey all! Wanted to share my most recent project. This is a limited run, 88 kits and 10 finished replicas of Din Darin's Vibroblade from the Mandalorian. The kits have just become available and I will be starting on the finished replicas soon, hoping to have them done sometime in May. All are made of machined aluminum.

Each kit consists of 12 custom machined parts, two inner metal support rods, and a bit of rubber tubing for the wire. I'd love to take credit for the machining but worked with a company for that part as I don't have access to such advanced equipment.

These were quite expensive to make but they're something I wanted to have myself and found a lot of people would also like to have one in their collection.

I'm excited to offer these to the community, even if only for a short time! If you're interested in a kit you can find them here.

Metal VB 1.jpg

Metal VB 2.jpg


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