Metal Kylo Ren Helmet Build! finished!


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Hello everyone. I just finished up my metal batman vs superman armored batman helmet and my next project will be a metal Kylo Ren helmet. It is a commission and I will be using 18 gauge sheet steel like I have in all my previous builds. I will be filming the build also and will be uploading the video on my youtube channel goldpointprops. I'm starting the templates and once I start the build I will begin posting the progress here.
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Re: Metal Kylo Ren Helmet Build!

Oh yeah, its going to be nice! Any you will be able to polish the chrome trim since it metal! Will be wicked! Even though the Celebration looked like it was grey the videos looks like it polished.
Re: Metal Kylo Ren Helmet Build!

Shinny? Hummmmm. Was the costume at the Star War Celebration the actual costume or was it a replica? I only ask because the hilt was 3d printed and not very appealing there and didn't look movie ready compared to all of the other hilts and sabers they have used in the past.

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Re: Metal Kylo Ren Helmet Build!

It did. Yet you could clearly see the mould seam that went right around it. The master might have been 3D printed, but the prop on display was a foam stunt cast for sure
Re: Metal Kylo Ren Helmet Build!

ahhhh should be COOL...

Looking forward to see how this comes out! Subscribed!:thumbsup

cant wait!
I'm currently drawing the templates. I will be starting the metal work as soon as I'm furnished with the templates.

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Yes it is :) it's going to be an exact replica(well exact as it can be without seeing the real helmet)

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I started drawing the templates!! I want to be starting the metal work in a week or so.
Re: Metal Kylo Ren Helmet Build!

this doesn't look like much but I started the kylo ren helmet. Once I make more progress I will post more pictures. it will start looking like something soon.

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