Metal Gear Solid 5 Night Vision Goggles build


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I’m looking for pieces of this pair of goggles so I can make my own build if any of you know what type of knobs and bits and bobs are please leave in thread


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They're PVS-7s, I've always wanted to 3D print out a pair of them since it's pretty much impossible to find that airsoft dummy replica that G&P makes for reenactors


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It's actually an amalgamation of a PVS-7 and a PVS-5- the lenses and battery tube up front are definitely inspired by a PVS-7, but the frame that sits against the face is drawing from a PVS-5.



PVS-5 frames are not a 100% match, but replicas are quite available because they are used to make ecto goggles from Ghostbusters.


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