Metal gear model kits?

NIce. actually rex is about the easiest one. The first two Metal gear and metal gear D are super complicated and there isn't much art of them. MG Ray and the newer ones, including the gekkos, are super complicated. Plus they made that figure of MG Ray (which i had it still). Too bad he doesn't have that on shapeways. Metal Gear MK 2 from MGS 4 and Snatcher would be pretty easy.
A resin Metal Gear Rex kit was released last year.

1:72 Metal Gear REX by Sean Brannin

Metal Gear Rex - ARC Discussion Forums


Here's an awesome build up of the kit-

and also 3A Toys has been trying to get this official model into production for a couplte years now-



Also here is the REX model that resides at Kojima Productions


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Metal Gear Ray from MGS2 has 2 action figures that were made

A smaller one

and a larger "Build-a-figure"
Yeah I had the huge build a figure one that came in pieces with all the others. I should have gotten that little version of Ray when i had the chance at gamestop for 4.00 on blowout. That 3a toys one is a beast and probably 500.00 lol You would think that as hugely popular as the franchise is they'd have more toys going back to the first two games. All the garbage series in japan gets massive toy and model lines but the good stuff doesn't.
Sadly that kit is out of stock on starship modeler and they seem rather slow to restock. the price is very fair though. i book marked it just in case.
Edit: apparently square enix is putting out some figures as part of their playarts line of mechs from Peacewalker but it means 50+ for something that is liable to break easily.
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The Metal Gear D from Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake was also turned into a maquette/model by Kojima Productions-
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Has anyone ever put out kits of the various metal gear mechs from the game series?

After I finish my customer builds I'm planning on building my own Rex. I started building it in Sketchup awhile back and haven't gotten around to finishing it just yet.
I think Rex would be the easiest of them all as he looks like normal mecha. The earlier ones from MGS 3 and the psp games would be easier too but when it comes to Ray and the more organic ones it could be an issue. The playarts ones look okay but like i said above anything playarts is overpriced and tends to have quality issues anymore.
I was looking at the Peacewalker toys that playarts has out and to be honest i think you could turn the one into a shagohod with little work. That's a nice gekko. I just can't see how they don't know people want kits/toys of these. I'm thinking since my fiance isn't probably going to visit next month i'll see if i can find the Peacewalker figures in the US. they're only 40.00 before shipping but i hate buying from china as they're usually stolen from the factories.
I'm hoping i can find them in the US cheap. they're about 40 each from china on ebay right now but they should be out over here. Heck since toys r us carries playarts now and then they may have them. I might try getting a few next month.
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