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Excited to share another run of my metal Beskar Ingots is now available! Compared to previous versions, these ones are slightly smaller (127x63.5x10.7mm), but are far more accurate to the size of the screen used props. Additionally, the new anodizing color matches better as well.

Each ingot weighs about 10 ounces and when combined with the cold of the metal it feels like the real deal! Each ingot is machined from aluminum, anodized, and then the pattern is silk screened on.

My goal with these ingots is to provide an affordable, authentic feeling replica which is why I'm keeping the price the same as when I first debuted them in 2020, despite the cost to make them rising with each run. Each ingot is $34.99 with free US shipping, and also includes a microfiber pouch. This run is limited to 250 which sounds like a lot, but based on past runs they will only last a couple months, so get your Christmas gifts now haha.

If anyone has any question feel free to ask!




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