Merkymerx's Captain Jack On Stranger Tides ver build


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Hey guys! My name's Miguel and I'm from Manila, Philippines.

Almost a year ago I started my Capt. Jack costuming journey. Sparrow was one of my dream costumes ever since I saw Curse of the Black Pearl. A lot of motivation to push through with this costume came from the release of On Stranger Tides. Been inspired by the various people I've seen working on their Capt. Jack costumes in time for the premier. :)

I've learned so much and I have to thank the members of Keep To The Code, The Brethren Court, and The RPF for helping me progress with my costumes. Everyone really worked hard to gather all the references they could for the sake of screen accuracy. It's been such an amazing journey hunting for the right items for my costume. A costly one at that but very fulfilling. :)

Starting off this thread with photos of my wig. Once I'm able to get more decent photos of the other pieces of my costume I'll post them up. I'm still missing quite a lot of wig dingles and specific dreads here and there but I'm quite pleased with how it's looking right now.

Here's a turnaround of my wig

Click here for the larger image

My first wig, which I made many months ago was composed of wool dreads. I ended up wanting to upgrade it since I wasn't satisfied with the overall look. Months later, I decided to use Kanekalon hair and make the dreads myself. Definitely looked a lot better from the first version.

Closeup of the dreads that I made

I also employed the help of a couple who makes dreadlock extensions. The dreads they made for me looked amazing! I put around 8 or 10 of them in my wig if I remember correctly.

It took me a lot of tries to get the bandana to that color in the picture. I faded it once I got it and it turned a bit too pink. This was followed months after with a ton of experimenting with dyes.

Bandana from Tyrannical Piratical Treasures
Marlinspike from Swag Arts
Butterfly bead from Gemsandknots
Hidden Mickey coin from eBay

The green tail feather is from my girlfriend's favorite lovebird named Mango. This was more of a personal addition of mine. :D
That brown dreadlock you see in the middle of the photo is by the couple I mentioned earlier.
The wave coin on this was madly rushed for a convention. Will be upgrading it with a sculpt of my own soon enough.

OST trade strand from Swag Arts
Tibetan skull dangles from eBay
Dreadlock cuff from Yordreem

My zombie finger still looks far from SA at this point. Planning on sculpting a new set if I get the extra time to do so.

Kuchi strand from Tyrannical

Banjara tassel I made from a nail and a metal cap object from a wooden knob. Not at all screen accurate but I'm pretty happy with the turnout.

My friend has a lot of these keys. So when she heard I needed one she gave me a whole lot of them. :lol:

Still quite a lot to add here! Some of which are the Coptic cross, skull/zombie coin, the orange cuff/bead with dots on it, a whole bunch of other coins...and a lot more!

I'm pretty sure that I'd still have to work on the placement of some the dingles and dreads. I'll try to fix them when I get the chance.

If you guys have any questions or suggestions/critique feel free to bring them up :)


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Love it man! Your first build was fantastic, these new dreads look awesome too. It does almost look like the dreads are slightly short, can you give us a shot of you wearing it?


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Love it man! Your first build was fantastic, these new dreads look awesome too. It does almost look like the dreads are slightly short, can you give us a shot of you wearing it?
Thanks a lot mate! I truly appreciate the kind words :)

The dreads do look a bit short in the photos. Could be the angle or the fairly large facemask. Here's a photo of me wearing the wig.

That's my girlfriend Jin, our friend Shiro, and myself. Still have the old sail needle on this. The OST one is super short compared to the ones in the previous films XD


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Welcome to the RPF! Great looking wig!!! Love the weathering on your sash, too, and great Angelica costume your girlfriend has!



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Yeah man, Thought it may have been the Face mask throwing that off, Looks perfect when you're wearing it! The sail needle is one of those finer details, that only a sparrow notices :p, mine have ALWAYS been undersized when I made them :p