Merchandise and props you can buy at Disney’s upcoming Galaxy’s Edge attraction.

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Not Star Wars but the high end Indiana Jones props are in the parks and Shop Disney today. They have the fertility idol, Sankara stones, the holy grail, crystal skull and an Indy leather jacket. Indiana Jones Merchandise & Apparel | shopDisney View attachment 1591254
I picked up the idol this morning. I wanted it for a Dryden Vos collection replica.

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I should have checked this thread last night!!!!
I was there at batuu west today. TOTALLY forgot about the camtono!!
Saw the calamari flan and didn't recognize them. Packed flat, I just saw "four blue dots" and moved on. Again, totally forgot they are selling credits lol it sounds funny to say that.
I DID however manage to snag a blue kyber crystal necklace, as I bumped into sir James gamerfuzion while inside doc ondars, he pointed out they were nearly gone.
Also grabbed a couple of those neat angled saber stands. Always wanted to try them out. Kinda cool.
They didn't have the camtono as well as most items. I was there looking as well. Staff members said it didn't last long once released


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Alright, after the wedding, Brittany and I decided that we need some get-away time (and some mini-honeymoons). We are going back to Disney this September for three days! Our budget is $1000, and between our flight, efficiency condo, IDme Disney tickets, and Turo car rental, I think we are going to be under budget!

We will do Epcot one day, Hollywood Studios one day, and Mickeys Not-so-Scary Halloween party!

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