Merchandise and props you can buy at Disney’s upcoming Galaxy’s Edge attraction.

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Everything is cooler when it's STAR WARS!


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I see Dejarik figures in there. I wonder if this is why the really nice X Plus Dejarik set never ran to completion - licensing conflict? It's too bad - I really wanted to collect that full set of X Plus figures...

I think these are suppose to be more of a representation of the physical ones used by Saw’s people in Rogue One, not the holo version.

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More details on the "build your own" lightsabers.

How fans will make their own lightsabers at Disney’s Star Wars land

I personally think they look crappy. For supposedly metal parts, they look an awful lot like painted plastic. And the designs leave me cold as well.
The parts seem to be painted die-cast based on the description of other videos. I forget the names of the categories but the first two don’t do it for me because the parts look to much like the build a saber toys. But I really like the other two categories. Those parts look better with the materials used.

They look cheap and geared towards children.
Not geared toward children. Not child size and early reports say the hilts will cost about $110 and another $30 for a blade. Also it’s not going to be just walking into a store. It is suppose to be a 20 minute immersive experience and you need to schedule a time in order to guarantee a time to participate.


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I like the ancient ones. They certainly aren’t my favorite designs in the world, but I’d be paying for the experience. Plus these are only a fraction of the parts that will be available to build from.

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