Meow's Ultimate Spider-Man Bagley Style Build


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Hello everyone,

It's been two years since I had the urge to do it, but I finally started making my own Spider-Man costume! This thread will be updated really slowly since school just started. But I plan on having the suit finished before Halloween.

Info on my print:
  • Modified Ken's free ASM2 Pattern used
  • The New Blood's Bagley symbols and blue color used
  • Printed and assembled by ZentaiZone

Here's how the print looks.

IMG_20140816_093202.jpg IMG_20140816_093254.jpg
I tried taking the pictures in natural light, but it turned out too bright.

Here's how the front looks with incandescent bulbs and after eating. :$

IMG_20140815_225717.jpg Edited2_IMG_20140817_182543.jpg
Here's a better picture in natural light. I really like how the bricks look. :D

Supplies I'm using right now.
  • High density furniture foam
  • Tjack's Faceshell and Lense
  • Pepakura cardboard faceshell.
I planned on using the foam for the faceshell since it's a little big for my head. But that idea was a bust. Tjack's faceshell is just too big for me. :(
So I made a cardboard faceshell using JFCustom's pep file. That faceshell didn't turn out the way I want either.

So I just made the regular Gimpee faceshell.
This turned out really well! I just need a way to strengthen it.


Did some testing using the wood glue method from the 405th forum. I used whatever I had laying around my garage: Loctite Wood Worx.
At first, I thought it didn't work because the cardstock would just become flimsy and not strong. I gave up and was looking for another method for hardening/strengthening, but when I checked on my test sheet and parts, it became pretty tough. It just needed extra time to dry.

Test part. I threw away my test cardstock since I broke it doing stress tests.

Here's my faceshell reinforced with an unnecessary amount of bamboo skewers. I didn't want to risk any warping since the glue is mixed with water. Water + Paper = BAD!!!
Supplies and prepping the glue.
IMG_20140828_193810.jpg IMG_20140828_194747.jpg IMG_20140828_195502.jpg

After about 10-15 minutes, I finished the first coat for the.

I waited about 1.5 hours for the glue to settle. I then applied a slightly thicker second coat. I'm going to wait until sometime tomorrow to add the final layer and then let it dry for about a day. Then I'm going to remove the bamboo braces and do about 2 coats inside the faceshell.


I finished up the coats of wood glue. It warped around the eyes a bit, but that's my fault for not gluing on the eye frame supports.
I also filled and smoothed it out with wood filler and primer/filler spray paint.
I didn't really bother with getting it perfectly smooth since it's pretty much unnecessary.

Here are some pictures my brother took of me wearing the faceshell. We didn't bother centering the mask since we were just testing.
IMG_20140907_164628.jpg IMG_20140907_164512.jpg IMG_20140907_164620.jpg IMG_20140907_164459.jpg

You can see that in some angles you can see the faceshell.
My solution: Cast the shell and form it with plastic! :D

That will probably be a whiles away since I have to get casting/molding material. And on top of that, build a vacuum former...


I finished the vacuum former earlier this week. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with the outcome!

Here's a small test I did with a ball bearing toy. It takes the shape really well!

Now that I know it works, I need to buy some casting/molding material and some larger plastic sheets! :)


I covered the eyes on the shell and used drywall spackle to make it a little more round.

After I got the supplies, I created the mold and used hydrocal(plaster) to cast.
IMG_20141016_230449.jpg IMG_20141024_202156.jpg IMG_20141016_213100.jpg IMG_20141016_221419.jpg

This thing weighs a ton!! I used a chisel and sand paper to lessen the size of the nose. I also made the head more round.

And I reached the image limit.... I should have made multiple posts...
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Hey! You beat me to it! I have been planning to do the exact same thing (Modify Ken's file to be more like the comics, send it to Zentaizone etc.). Did you modify the brick pattern at all or just the webs and spiders?

Also, do you think you could give me a rough estimate of how much Zentaizone charged you before shipping?

I thinned out and changed some of the webs. As for the bricks, I changed the opacity to be the same and did some touch ups where they overlapped.


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Hey! You beat me to it! I have been planning to do the exact same thing (Modify Ken's file to be more like the comics, send it to Zentaizone etc.). Did you modify the brick pattern at all or just the webs and spiders?

Also, do you think you could give me a rough estimate of how much Zentaizone charged you before shipping?
For ken's file zentaizone charged me 140 bucks excluding shipping


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I've always wanted one. But never had the money to buy one. So I looked through my garage and had the right kind of wood to make it for free!

I say go for it! There can be a lot of use from one.


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I don't know the exact kind, but I used 3/4" thick wood that was really dense for the bottom and the four sides. For the top, I used some ~1/8" thick plywood and drilled 1/8" holes every inch. I also used a lot of caulking sealant.
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Long overdue update to the first post and continued here...

Forming the shell. This was the most exciting part! I heated 1/8" thick ABS plastic I got from a local supplier. I now know that 1/8" is too thick and will probably go with 3/32" or 1/16" next time. The shell is slightly smaller than TJack's.
IMG_20141018_190759.jpg IMG_20141019_124306.jpg IMG_20141019_124254.jpg

Next, what I thought was the hardest part, forming the lense.
I used boiling water, it wasn't hot enough. I used a lighter torch, I burned some parts of the lense. I finally gave in and used my heat gun. I set it to low (650F), and held it about 2 inches away and evenly heated the frames until they became moldable. I have magnets to attach the frames to the shell, but they are too small and not that powerful. I ordered new ones. They should be here by next week.
IMG_20141024_202549.jpg IMG_20141024_202244.jpg IMG_20141024_204454.jpg

What do you people think about the angle of the frames? Does it look good?
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