Men in Black - Tri-Barrel


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Good evening fellow members! If you're like me, and loved the props from Men in Black 1, you're probably familiar with the Tri-Barrel—Will Smith's three-barreled shotgun at the end of the movie. Unfortunately for collector's like myself, the only replica set to be reproduced by ICONS was cancelled when the business went belly up, and to this day I've only seen two photos of that awesome replica.

After many years and rapidly expanding technology, I have finally made some ground on getting a replica of my favorite movie gun. A couple years back, I was able to buy a casting of the Tri-Barrel from a member on the board. I assume it was a stunt reject pull, and unfortunately, the casting was warped in a few areas and was made from a hard rubber/foam combination. Knowing there was little that could be done to transform this into the gun I'd always wanted, I decided to hire a 3D Modeler from the board named Skylu 3D, who I've commissioned for numerous projects and highly recommend for anyone. This guy goes above and beyond and always produces quality parts and has a wicked eye for detail. Using the stunt casting along with a bunch of screen caps and photos we were able to get measurements and reproduce the entire gun down to the smallest detail, and thanks to Zombiekiller (who identified a lot of the parts) and Skylu 3D, we were able to recreate a full-sized replica with a working slide and even the magazine and side details.

While there are a couple small things to figure out (the dome bubble and alien), at this point it is getting down to the end. I've located a place that did the finish for the 3rd movie guns and it's only a drive away (a long one at that). Hopefully for those rare few that are looking for up close pictures of a finished and lit up version of this mighty gun will be able to find them here soon enough. Until then, here is a few pictures to show the amount of work this gun is and how many parts there are, and a render from Skylu 3D of the finished product minus the alien and tubes.







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I love MIB props. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I want every kit I can lay my hands on but to me, in order for them to look right they have to be chromed. So either you have to pay a service to chrome it, which is expensive or do it yourself (a few different ways) which is a TON of work and still expensive.


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I thought that while this post is getting some views I might reach out and ask that anyone that has any photos of either the ICONS replica or the original prop please shoot them over my way or post them here. The better closeups I have, the better the end result will end up. James Latta said in another one of my posts that the photo below was from a show called Good Day L.A. from 1997, but I haven't been able to turn up that segment anywhere in my searches thus far. I had another saved that I printed of it in a display at Universal Studios but the quality is terrible.




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This was by far my favorite prop from the movie too!!! - I cant wait to see your progress on this one.

Good luck!!!


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That's awesome! I wish that someone on here had photographs of the props of at least the ICONS Tri-Barrel. I've looked and looked but can't find anything on the aforementioned clip shot at ICONS headquarters or any other pics of the one they built for the photo with the green background. I have some amazing up close photographs of the Pulsar Blaster, but to this day I don't know where the heck the Tri-Barrel ended up. I haven't seen it listed on any auctions since the movie came out but I assume some private collector out there has it (or maybe it's in the SONY archives).


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The gun is pretty much completed, I just need to finish paying off the remainder and have it shipped over. Hopefully once that happens, I can get it sent out to be done by the chroming place. Once I have it though I'll make sure and post lots of photos!


So awesome!
Love it. But I was always a fan of Tommy Lee Jones's gun

Doing this next? =D

Now, tell me more about the bubble and the alien you mentioned. Is there supposed to be an alien in that bubble in the gun that emits energy for the gun?