Men in Black Ray Ban Predator 2 Glasses Replica


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Hey Friends,

I found a great replica pair of the Ray Ban Predator 2 glasses, the original used in the original MIB Men in Black film, as well as the other two sequels unoficially. I did own a pair of the real deal that I bought way back before the original movie came out, but eventually wear and tear (and a toddler) brought the real ones to an end. I searched for some time to find a replica, scouring the internet, even looing for a cheap flea market knock-off, or from some very unofficial international website. Then, a couple months back, I was at a store called Fashion Eyes here in Santa Barbara, and found two slightly varied pairs of "predator" (per the tag) style glasses for $12.99 each. I'll include some pictures for reference of pair #2, since once again my two-year old had her way with my first pair. These are nice glasses, and frankly fit my face better than official Ray-Bans. The only writing is on the left earpiece and says "hand polished" with no other markings or numbers. The temples/earpieces do contain a support wire, which can be seen when the glasses are closed. I like that the top bar is shiny, with the lower nose arch and eye frames being matte, and the rest of the glasses being shiny. Construction is really nice, and lenses fit well and resist scratching. Anyway, just wanted to share, since the owners couldn't tell me any more about where they came from, other than in a big box of assorted glasses from China.

Anyone find any other really good replica, since I'd love to buy a box with my toddler and her playmates running around with them?









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