Men in Black Pulse Plaster Firing build.


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I hope you guys like this.

I took a toy MIB pulse blaster and fitted it with a custom electronic flash unit to shoot blue colored flame balls from the barrel. using flash cotton, paper and a spark cap the gun works!! uses 1 AA battery to shoot a blue ball of flame about 30 to 40 feet and it similar to the end of MIB 1 when they shoot down the bug's ship. I also added some LED's to spice it up :)

Luckily I was able to modify the trigger and one of the buttons to use as safety.

Video to come tonight, going to film it outside, it's quite loud (like a big cap gun)





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Link isn't working. I wonder if any members own the original guns or castings of them besides the obvious ones.


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hahah thanks guys, its def a fun build, im going to play with the fire a bit, it should be a blue hue but given i shot it in my apartment i wasn't able to really shoot it well. lol at least my wall-e and B9 didn't catch fire, im really stoked you guys dig it.


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Being an old magician I heartily applaud anything that shoots flash paper and cotton!

I love it!!!
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