Megathread: City, Region, and World Maps from Fiction

Some time ago there was a shop I followed on Esty that sold digital files of all kinds of maps from fiction, primarily fantasy. There were world maps of places like Thra, Oz, Westeros, Hyrule, Middle Earth, Arrakis, Ravka, etc. Regional maps of places like the Shire, Gondor, the Swordcoast, and city maps of Minas Tirith, Rivendell, Moria, pretty much every city from Wheel of Time, and many more.

I meant to get them all at one point to print up and use for my wall of fictional maps, but one day they all disappeared, and the shop was gone. I assume it was taken down because they were stealing someone else's work outright instead of using it to make a product (there is another store just as old as the first one called LandOfScrolls that sells physical scrolls, and I recognize some of the exact same designs there).

Point being, I looked through RPF and didn't find any sort of compilations of fictional maps, so I'd like to propose we start one here! If you have any drawings, scans, or digital files of maps from fiction, whether they appeared on-screen, aren't screen accurate but made to look in-universe, or are out of universe but depict the area of fiction, post them here for all others like myself to build their fictional maps collections.

Obviously don't go reselling the files of anything posted here. And please give the original source or creator of the map, if you have it. Also include the printing dimensions if known.

If there is anything wrong with this post someone please let me know, this is my first attempt to start a collaborative effort like this. And also let me know if this is better suited for the main Replica Props page, and I'll delete this one and post it there instead.

I'll start it off with some of my favorite and apparently relatively obscure maps I have, which came included with a number of figures in the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. I found these maps as scans in a catalog of the toy line actually, so I cleaned them up in PS to remove the creases and rips as best I could. All are 12x18 size.

We've got Eternia,
Eternia_clean (12x18).png

Etheria_clean (12x18).png

Subternia_clean (12x18).png

Preternia_Clean (12x18).png

And of course, Castle Grayskull
Castle Grayskull_clean (12x18).png

I'll pull some more from my files later, and I look forward to what all else everyone has to share!
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Excellent idea! Here's some I have collected over the years. Note, none of these artworks are mine.




Nemo's Mysterious Island
Mysterious Island.jpg


The Princess Bride
Princess Bride.jpg

Nockmaar (Willow)

Lovecraft's Dreamlands

Dune (Fairly certain this one was from an RPF post in the first place)
Dune Map Vintage.jpg

And last but not least a high rez version of An Ancient Mappe of Fairyland (1918)
An Ancient Mappe of Fairyland (1918).jpg
Adding in a few more from my files. None of these are my original works.

Narnia, 18x24, Original Production Image
NarniaMap (Official Production).jpg

Nonestica, 11x17, by Double Critical Games (title added by me)
Nonestica - Watercolor, New Title (11x17).png

Camelot, 18x24, artist unknown
Camelot, Black Background, 18x24.jpg

Wheel of Time, 18x24, by Seven Bridges
Wheel of Time,18x24 (Seven Bridges).png

Dominaria, by Jared Blando
Dominaria (2560x1600) (Jared Blando).jpg

Krynn, by Jared Blando
Krynn - Post-Cataclysm Ansalon (Jared Blando).jpg

Ixilan, by Jared Blando
Ixilan High Res (Jared Blando).jpeg

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