MegaCon Orlando, FL - May 2019


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I keep waffling on going this year. I went solo in 2018 because my wife was pregnant (she did go for one day) and while I enjoyed the atmosphere of being around the community I’m not sure if the event is really “for” me. The trade show/ meeting actors part kind of leaves me bored so I just endlessly walked the foyer spotting costumes. I’m sure it’s something to do with my expectations because PLENTY of people go and have a great time seeing panels and getting merch.

Add all that to now having a young child I’m not sure if it’s all worth the effort. We talked about staying at the Rosen for a little vacation but I can’t really justify it when I know my wife would just be going because I wanted to.


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I'm debating going too. I keep getting emails saying the last day to pre-purchase tickets and get them in the mail is this Thursday. I only go on Saturday's so I went to the site to check the schedule to see what panels are going on that day. Still no schedule three weeks before the event. I could save $10 if I order now, but what's the point if there isn't anything I want to see?