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    When Art first mentioned the idea of a page dedicated to sculpting on the RPF, I thought, "Well, it's about time!"

    Since the early days of the RPF, the forum has been home to incredible sculptors. A sort of universal equalizer, the board gives beginners, experienced hobbyists and professionals the opportunity to let their work speak for itself.

    And it often speaks volumes! That work is a daily inspiration for anyone who's ever picked up a dremel, a block of foam or a lump of clay. I've been on the forum since the beginning and to this day, I always click on new sculpture threads with great anticipation.

    To me (and particularly at my company), sculpture is wonderfully diverse. It's old school and practical, yet it can manifest as high-end hyper-realism, a classical work or even a schlocky rubber monster. It can immortalize and pay tribute and emote… and it provides the sculptor with a direct, tactile connection with his or her creation.

    As a kid, it was film that introduced me to sculpture, and I would watch every behind-the-scenes show I could to try to learn more about how these amazing creatures I'd seen on screen were created. Pierce, Chambers, Freeborn, Harryhausen, Smith, Baker (and countless others!) would become my rock stars. I picked up Tom Savini's first book, which further opened my eyes to the techniques and processes involved in special makeup effects and it was all downhill from there. My parent's basement became a mad-scientist's lab where the beakers held latex, fur, plaster and foam.

    Many years and many experiments later, and the RPF would help me transition my hobby into my livelihood. It was a place to talk shop, be inspired and most importantly, make friends with other artists and collectors. Our shared passion for films, props and characters brought us here and now several of these extremely talented artists (and good friends) work by my side at Tom Spina Designs.

    I'm proud that my company is sponsoring this new venture on the forum and I can't wait to see the work it generates… here's to clicking on that next thread!

    Best regards,


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    From their infamous Han Carbonite Desk, their work with Sideshow Collectibles to their authentic recreation of Star Wars cantina characters for Volkswagen's 2012 Super Bowl commercial, Tom Spina Designs creates custom sculpture and theming of all kinds, and provides singular services in restoring and displaying original movie props and wardrobe.

    The artists have a wide range of talents and can create everything from portrait sculpture, busts & masks to custom fabricated statues, signs, furniture, decor and theme props of all sizes (including very large!). *From wax museum style figures, to bronze busts, to giant carved foam environments, TSD brings their clients' dreams to reality.

    The company is perhaps best known for their groundbreaking work preserving and repairing television & film props and characters. *Their artistry and dedication to research and development has made them the go-to source for those looking for conservators of their precious collections.*

    For the collector looking to show off their otherwise difficult to display items like original movie props, film wardrobe and or masks, look no further. TSD can design and create themed or museum style displays that will make your pieces of film history shine!

    Their custom sculpture and display services are available to everyone. They create their artwork for private collections, businesses, home theaters, museums, restaurants, themed attractions, haunts and more!
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    This forum is a fantastic idea, and couldn't have a better sponsor than our very own creature fabricator extraordinaire, Tom Spina!

    The Wook
  3. zorg

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    a very welcome addition and like tom mentions, overdue.

  4. BLACKULA727


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    I'm very happy they came up with this section. I'm looking forward to learning from you awesome sculptors. Now that its centralized, it will be much easier for us noobs to do that. Awesome news!

  5. Darth Mawr

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    A fabulous idea! I'm sure it will be one of my "go to" clicks here.
  6. Ray22

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    Okay liike I don't spend enough time on the site Lol, great for sculptors and those looking to share and learn, Greetings.
  7. yuumi2891103

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    This is the great news. I told my zombie loving girl. She is gonna love it !!:lol
  8. Cyberman

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    Great idea Tom... Look forward to posting most of my projects in here from now on ;)
  9. Apollo

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    Great idea for a new forum and no one better qualified to sponsor than our own Magician Tom!
  10. Laffo

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    Thanks for this new category. It is long over due.
    I'm also happy that this guy is the icon for it too.


    Greasepaintly and WEd clay-ie yours,
  11. mrbungle

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    thanks for sponsoring this forum, tom. love your crews work!~!!
  12. wilysteve

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    Well done to Art and Tom. This is very cool :thumbsup
  13. Bloop

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    Nice! Now we don't have to figure out on our own where to post sculpts! It seemed like the place they used to end up was the Replica Props forum, and they'd often get buried there quickly since that section has the most new and updated posts. Now I guess I won't have that excuse for a lack of views on my posts!
  14. RumbleBee

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    Excellent forum, thank you.

  15. TomSpinaDesigns

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    Thanks for all the kind words, guys! I'm as thrilled as everyone else that the RPF finally made a forum to showcase this type of work :)

    Thanks again!

  16. Harkonan Nebula

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    This is awesome! I like to see projects from the beginning stages. The sculptures I've seen here are amazing! Many talented artist here. This is so cool! Thanks to you all!
  17. harleyquinn525

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    Thank you so much for this chance to few other artist works and to learn more.
  18. punisher

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    Great WampaTom! Im so happy this was added! Thank you very much! ( on a side note, have you seen being elmo? ) If not, you should definitely check it out as I still remember our muppet talks around when I first joined so Im positive you will enjoy it!)
  19. TomSpinaDesigns

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    Hey Scott,

    Thanks man! Wow, was that 2004? Man, has it been that long?

    Yeah, I did see that... great flick! Very enjoyable for sure.

  20. Bilbo Baggins

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    Hey Tom, Luv what ya got going here.
    I've been away for a few years and I am impressed with the stream of new talent here..
    makes me wanna dust off the tools and get my hands into some roma and plaster again.
    looking forward my friend.


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