Medieval Clothing/Costumes?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Flecktarn92, May 7, 2012.

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    So I know this isn't exactly from a specific movie or a build thread but hopefully someone can help me find the info I need. I need some help finding some decently priced Medieval and/or Renaissance clothing. Shirts/tunics, pants, boots, jackets, whatever. I have been working on a short comedy/parody series that takes place in the medieval era that makes fun of things like Skyrim, The Crusades, Wizards, and The Roman Empire. Anyway I've been busy making props and costumes such as surcoats, chainmail, swords, shields and knives (I filmed it all and will be making a few how to sort of videos soon).

    But the thing is I have some people who are peasants/normal people who aren't knights or soldiers like farmers, bards essentially the everyday normal people, civilians, and am having a hard time finding some decently priced items. I've searched eBay and Amazon extensively and have only found a few things (cheap Party City like costumes and clothing). So if anyone knows where or has something they are willing to sell let me know. I am planning on filming the first part later this month.

    Any and all help/advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Anything and everything baggy. If you search the thrift stores you'll find tons of rough wool XXL shirts... On top of that, plenty of long belts (providing you know the method to deal with slack) and floppy hats.

    Not sure if anyone could make it, but a pig or two might not be such a bad idea... realism is everything...
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    If you go to and they have a lot of cheap stuff, you can also try ebay especially if you are not to concerned about the quality.

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    this is the wrong place to search if you are looking for "cheap" articles of clothing or props , everyone here works hard on replicating time pieces or character costumes and most use very beautiful and expensive materials for their projects .... you can go online and look for cheap larping community shops that larpers would order from even those can be a bit pricey but some are on the cheap side
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    "Decently priced" is pretty subjective. What price range are you trying to hit, and what are your threshholds for quality and accuracy?
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    I would try Museum Replicas, they have some decent stuff that varies in price from really affordable to WTF?. I'd also do a search for Ren/Medieval clothes and costumes and you should find a number of sites that sell what you're looking for.
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    Seconded on Museum Replicas. Otherwise you'll probably have to go through ebay. You might check Renaissance Magazine's website. They list all the faires through the year for every state. Honestly for what you're looking for that's one of the best places to go. Unfortunately there's not many going on around your area this month. My only other recomendation is go online or to your local fabric store. Find the patterns you need and then hit up a local seamstress to put everything together if you can't do them yourselves. What you're looking for doesn't tend to make its way into the junkyard too often.

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    Well this place has a couple of female peasanty garb that could work:

    Costuming - New Age, Spiritual Gifts Yoga, Wicca, Gothic, Reiki, Celtic, Crystal, Tarot at Pyramid Collection

    This girl does some really great stuff for crazy low prices. I don't even know how she does it. Right now her shop doesn't show half the work she normally does but look through her sold section and see if there's anything there. She had some peasant blouses she made for $32. You could probably even talk to her about what you need done and see if she can make more specific things for you in a reasonable price.

    Doing a quick google search for "cheap renn faire costumes" I found this site but I've never ordered from them and I do not vouch for their quality or service. It's just a site I found:

    Renaissance Faire Costumes

    If you're looking for really really cheap (like $20 costume) then the cheapy spirit halloween costumes are what you're going to get. Even in the $50 range you can't really expect a full blown peasant garb costume that's super nice or even just kind of nice. Others have mentioned ebay but here is a link of etsy where I typed in "renn faire" in the search box of handmade:

    renn faire on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace.

    You'll find a lot of ranges of quality and pricing and a lot of mislabeling so you'll have to kind of dig through and use other search terms to come up with more but I would say etsy is probably a better place to search then ebay. You'll get more of a variety of handmade costumes in better fabrics then loads of mass produced plastic like costumes on ebay with the good stuff getting super buried.
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    Thanks everyone for all the resources and suggestions. As for decently priced I was thinking about $30 for a shirt or pair of pants etc. I don't want to go crazy with the quality. The more basic/grittier/poorer the better.
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    A number of links here, though the site is somewhat old, so I'd imagine some of these are out of date:
    Sir Clisto's Tome

    And the entire menu of categories, not just clothing:
    The Tome
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