MeanGene's P1 by NeoKazama


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Hi guys

So Gene commissioned me on his first pull from his P1 mold, and well he wanted some specific colors for it. I still need to add a bit of a greenish tone to skin, Still need to blend colors but this is what i got so far, and well at the end seal it with permawet.
i HOPE YOU LIKE IT, btw, i love the detail on Gene's P1, it was fun to work on.




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Deed, lol...

Paint-up is looking great, Chris. Are you going off pics from the suit, or do you actually have a reference (Hand)? Do you use pens to vein the mouth, small brush?


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Thank you guys for the comments, and that tiny room is my studio so don't make fun of it...

Well, my job here is done, all i had to do is paint this bad boy, now is going back to Gene so he can add the remaining items.

I try to blend some brown and also greens, and darken the mouth a bit. Is also already sealed.





Darth: I used a size 0 brush and I try to shake like a crackhead when i
Color i used are hue blue, violet, and crimson red.. base is magenta.


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Join my facebook FANPAGE for more pictures of the finished mask!
Genome Artist Studio


Finished mask with Bambooie Dreds, Resin Teeth, quills and foamed on the inside.

This was a commissioned work. The dred rings were not sold with the head, I put them on for the picture.


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Your P1 looks great, I really like the color choices on there. It looks like he's ready to open his mandibles and roar.
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