Meager beginnings...


Brin Londo

Here's what I have to work with so far:

I'm working on the dreads and gauntlets right now, so I'll have more pics for you later. I also have another set of hands, and a pair of feet as well, and I haven't decided what I'll use for my "skin", but I think I'm going with an airbrushed lycra bodysuit.
BTW Andrew,
Have you gotten anything from me yet? If not, let me know bro.


Looking good so far Brin,can't to see the pieces you have! Are the other hands and feet from Daniel?


Well-Known Member
Brin you have more than what i started with bro, i think all i had was a drawing ...a really bad one at that. nice little display with the netting .
kinda reminds me of something i can't place it. I would really like to see a pic of ALL your batstuff, if you have such a picture.


supa troop

Great start to your Pred so tempted to go for a wearable pred Suit seeing all these props but i think my misses would finally loose the plot and divorce me.

Great Batman site too Brin.


Halo Predator

Brin: I have to agree, that's a very very nice start. Love the display!

Simon: Get her a Pred suit as well and she might just keep the faith. Start her off with the reasonably priced UK Bio Helms and let it go from there...

Good luck and happy hunting!

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