Me and my Muppets at comic con 2011

HMS Mike

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Hi Guy,
Thought that some one that likes the Muppets would like to see.

HMS Mike

Fozzie,Gonzo and Me by propologist, on Flickr[/IMG]
Aww love them both! Gonzo is definitely my favorite, always has been. I'd love a muppet collection one day. I had the pleasure of meeting Caroll Spinney at a convention in Framingham, Massachusetts back in November. Oscar was also a fav, but I had to tell him how much I missed Bruno the trashman....who I read was developed to carry Oscar on and off the stage for the traveling Sesame Street stage show, and was utilized for a while after in Follow That Bird, and in the series in general...but when the foam started to breakdown,....he was allowed to die :/ As there wasn't a serious need for him anymore,...but something about it....loved it. Course I also loved when Oscar would lift his trash can and just run lol. Ahhhhh the classics *small tear*
I was actually fortunate enough to participate in a Muppet commercial when I was little. It was to celebrate the Muppets coming to Walt Disney World, and I BELIEVE the Muppets Come to Walt Disney World TV Special....ironically...we never had to audition. My family and I had just gotten off of The Great Movie Ride and they were grabbing people and pulling them to the front of the Chinese Theater......then in front of guests they piled all the Disney Characters and everyone applauded as the Muppet Taxi and double-decker bus came rolling up filled with Muppets. Amazing.
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