McQuarrie Stormtrooper Thread


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awesome idea for a project and awesome sculpt. keep us posted on this.
My one observation(not a criticism) is that he last illustration shows the helmet having a real mean look to it. yours looks less mean than that one, but i assume you were working off of the other pics too, where it isnt mean at all.. once again, great sculpt


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That is gorgeous... I love the clean lines... would have loved to have seen this sculpt in the prequels.


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Originally posted by Trallis@Dec 15 2005, 11:18 PM
the helmet having a real mean look to it.  yours looks less mean
I agree. I think it's the shape of the eyes. The ones in the illustrations being slightly more rectangular shaped with rounded corners, and the sculpted eyes being more almond-shaped.

Looks friggin' awesome, man.


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Originally posted by isd804@Dec 15 2005, 08:10 PM
Lately the art of Ralph McQuarrie has provided me more inspiration than actual production pieces. To that end, and given a longstanding fascination with Stormtroopers, I decided to attempt a production-quality helmet based closely on McQuarrieÂ’s concept art.



McQuarrie’s “Older Stormtrooper” painting is my favorite and includes a near complete rendering of the white armor as seen from the front.


I began the sculpt on November 26, and have probably spent about 12-15 hours on it. It's at about 95% - there's some minor smoothing yet to be done. At this stage I'm investigating various casting processes; vacuforming and slush casting seem promising.


Feedback is welcome. Thanks for looking.



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wow thats spectacular...Ive always wanted tio sculpt one of these. Im assume thats clay??? And if so...what kind? I always fear of using clay because once it dry's it will shrink 2x. Did you use a specific "treated" clay to avoid this?
WOW that looks fantastic :)

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@Dec 15 2005, 11:18 PM
the helmet having a real mean look to it.  yours looks less mean
I agree. I think it's the shape of the eyes.

I agree on the eye shape needing a small change but I think possibly the lack of (lifeless chilling) lenses and the frown not being painted add to it not looking so mean. I think with the frown and lenses in place it will look mean enough :D

Do you have a normal helmet to put next to it to get an impression of scale?

Brilliant work :thumbsup

Cheers Chris