McQuarrie Stormtrooper Shield


I make my own SW props all the time, and asked a friend for ideas on my next project. He was standing over by my action figures and pointed to the Mcquarrie concept Stormtrooper holding his shield and suggested that. So out in the garage we went to make it. Here it is finished. No real WIP pics as it would just have been me cutting it out of wood...

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Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is cool.

You need to do a run. Just do it in about a year when I can afford it.

Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A run of these would be easy as they are almost all wood and a fairly easy paint job. As far as someone else doing it before me, I was wondering the same thing. But, was also happy I was the first to do so. I have been looking for ideas for the next project, that like this one would be something no one or very few have done. Any ideas ?