McDonalds costumes?


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Just found this thread.

I am actually in the process of making (for my own amusement) some McD character heads. The characters have been a love of mine since I was a child and the fact that they are Sid & Marty Krofft creations (my heroes) makes them all the more special.

I don't see the harm in producing props for a school project and as long as you are not making them to sell it SHOULD be ok (morally). I don't know much about the law regarding these matters, but I would imagine if you didn't go shouting and advertising what you are doing you might not need to worry so much.

BTW, I have come across suppossed costume pieces for the characters on eBay from time to time. You might want to check. There's a Hamburglar mask up there right now.

I'd love to see the results if you finish this project!


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That is an awesome tale, Dustin! I love the passion you put into the Mayor costume. Lucky break on finding the head.

While we are on the topic, does anyone know where I might be able to find reference material for the costumes worn in the commercials, or ones that made appearances in public? They are hard to come by and all I have are a few pics and a rare tumbler drinking glass with a group portrait of everyone in their costumes. It's faded and behind plastic, so it's not great reference.

I would be highly appreciative of any points in the right direction.

I just picked up the Hamburglar head I referenced above. Here's a pic:


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