MC-80 Mon Calamari Cruiser


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Last update before the holiday season when I can’t work on this for a few weeks! I added strips of foam to smooth the contours, and also soften the curves to better match the real thing. Working on the rear-end profile as well. My engines are a tad big (all I had was shaving cream lids!) but I’m not worried about accurately matching the engine configuration, as according to the lore each of these ships was very unique, like a work of art. So that gives me a bit of creative room. The profile of the ship right now looks a bit off as well, because there are not yet any blisters- the blisters make up a great deal of the hull shaping on this ship. Right now, instead of a wingless Liberty it's a blister-less Liberty! Lol.


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Those Kinder egg candy toys might be handy…though a bit short…spoons, etc.

You know, for the blister pods.
Kinder eggs..I hadn’t thought of that before! I will have to check those out. Great idea, especially as all the blisters seem to be fairly random/asymmetrical.


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A half hour of work at the start of this new semester, and I've laid almost all the foam onto the upper surface. There are gaps to be sure, but this will all be filled in with filler and a layer of styrene at the end. The foam still helps to significantly smooth the surface and prep it for the blisters. Soon, I'll flip the ship over and redo the entire process on the bottom..after that, add tons of blisters and sand the surface into a single piece that looks uniform. After that, I'll add newspaper dipped in watered down glue to harden its outer shell.

I've also ordered a fleet of 12 Y-wings and 12 U-wings from Mel Minatures on Shapeways, in the scale of the Armada board games. I went with those two ships because the store was offering them in batches of 12 instead of 3 or 4 for X-wings, A-wings etc. The Y-wings are the ones from the sequel trilogy (don't get me started) but they look close enough and I can just chalk it up to this Mon Cal cruiser serving after the Battle of Endor or something with updated Y-wings assigned to it. On this cruiser I plan to build a hangar that can house 4-5 of these ships, with several others escorting.

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