M'Baku Jabari Group Cosplay Help


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Hey folks!

I am pretty early in my cosplaying journey, my wife sews, we're talking about investing in a 3D printer and I'm willing to pick up whatever skills are needed beyond hot gluing things down, lol.

At any rate, we want to do a Jabari group cosplay with some of our friends, inspired by the M'Baku character from the Black Panther films and his tribe. We have not been able to find many resources, other than high res photos of the costume (link), someone offering 3D printing for the greaves and shinguards (link) and a single company selling what seems to be an expensive and not totally accurate around the shoulders cosplay (link). I realize there may not have been much demand for this costume before but I'd like to go all in on it. I have a few questions, and hoping an expert or two can point me in the right direction:

1) What is a good material for the fur that is so prominent around his shoulders, greaves and boots? It seems like getting actual fur would be 'too much' and I presume I am not the first person to consider this challenge.

2) Is foam a suiatble medium for the greaves and chestplate and shinguards and shoulders? If so, what techniques would be best to shape and detail it to look as it does for M'Baku and company?

3) There's a lot of leather vibe going for the under armor and the skirt, is there an affordable fabric that's textured such that it can appear to be leather straps when sewn onto some spandex or other fabric shirt or skirt?

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