MBA vs NH ROTLA pants comparison


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I thought you guys might like this :thumbsup
I was inspired by to start this thread after seeing Canyon's shirt comparisons (Thanks Canyon!)

I am blessed enough to own both a MBA and NH version of Raiders pants. These pants are the best Indy pants I have ever seen and when I first saw them side by side I thought to myself "I have two identical pairs of pants!". It's not until I looked after them some more that I saw that they are almost the same....ALMOST!

1. Same Calvary Twill Wool
2. Same general construction and pattern
3. 4 fly buttons, slider hook, eye, and waist band button.

1. Color

NH's on bottom, MBA's on top
Notice a VERY slight color difference. With the NH's, I see a darker brown with a slight pink hue, and with the MBA's I get that lighter brown/grey that I love for the Raiders color. Again the color is much more noticeable in person but no so in pictures but I know each person sees color differently so I got some pics with different lighting sources to help/confuse.
*Indirect sunlight*

*Direct sunlight*

*Indirect sunlight/shadow*


2. Belt Loops
No need to post pictures here. NH's have 7 belt loops, MBA's have 5.

3. Button color
Also, no need for photos. NH's seem to have a more olive color button, MBA's seem more red.

4. Pocket flap style
I've been trying to make my pocket flaps more SA so to match the Raiders pocket flaps I saw in Kt Templars pictures of possible Raiders Trousers but I think I'll leave these be for the time being.



5. Diagonal seams
NH's reach the back pocket, MBA's stop around 3/4's of the way. NH's on bottom, MBA's on top.

As far as I can see, I am 110% convinced that Kt Templars photos of NH Screen Used pants are from Raiders. They seem most accurate for what I see on screen. If I can make my pants look like that, these might be the last pants I'll ever need and my NH pants seem to nail it in almost every detail.

Now my question(s) to you guys, which pants seem most accurate to you for Raiders? NH? MBA? Magnolis? Please take in consideration color, construction, feel, material, etc. Now I just need some Magnoli pants! :lol
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