Mayday Parker Spider-Girl Suit


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I've been think about doing a non-dye sublimation Spider-girl suit for a while for project that I needed to get done. What kinda lead me to do this is that I've been hearing many ladies having issues on finding a high quality female spidey suits & not everyone wants a dye sub suit. I'm testing the waters here to develop a suit that fits 5'4 - 5'6 & I'm willing to take any suggestions regarding if you want combined dye sub red & mask section with the dark blue fabric or not & functional feature such as easy bathroom break, better chest support, & such. I only need to get a seam ripper & the fabric. If everything goes as plan, I'm willing to make some more Spider-Woman/Spider-Girl suits if there's such demand. I'm try to keep y'all post if I found a solution or give me some suggestions and such.

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