Maximus gladiator sword


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I got this windlass gladiator arena/slave sword really cheap. I didn't like how shiny and new it looked, and wanting to create something that was more screen accurate, I decided to modify it a bit.
So I stripped down the varnish and sanded the whole thing.
A big "gulp" moment.
Then adding layers of stain and paint.

Then a bit of weathering. Trying to give it a "years used in the arena" sort of look. Painting the brass is always fun!

This is is where I am so far. The screen shot of the handle looks a bit lighter/more natural wood colored. The color of this handle naturally is too dark. What do you think... A lighter paint? Leave it as is?
I dig it just how it is. a natural wood handle WOULD get darker after extended use. Oils from the skin, dirt, blood, etc, are all things it would be exposed to, that would darken the finish over time...
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