Maxi Brute X-wing


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I bought an assembled Maxi Brute X-Wing yesterday, and was wondering if anyone knows how accurate it is as far as shapes and sizes ?(I know the detail is poor, I'm looking for wing shape/size, engine diameter comparisons etc..) It had on the origional package that it is "Exact size of the ILM model" . Is this a good base to start with?

I know I missed out on the CC'B kit. It came and went when I was buying/settling into a house. (Massive bummer of epic proportions)

Thanks for any info!



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Short answer: it takes some major reworking, but some have found it's better than starting from scratch; others may disagree, though. See the X-Wing thread in the Studio Scale Forum.

And if you'd like a parts kit to get you started, I have one of Frank Cerney's I can sell you, and I'd throw in some other parts too.
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