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    I'm trying to find who made the vest or how to make the vest for Max for the movie "Max" I have a Service Dog and want to get one for him.

    Here are a few pics: 061915max02.jpg 1426710450913.png max.jpg tdy_max_dog_150626.jpg
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    Luckily for you it looks like a standared Molle vest, some wear ballistic vests and are Jump rated those start at about $ 900.00. for starters
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    They are actually from Wiredog. These people make the most awesome vests, customized to your dog. They do K9, Military and cater to ALL service animals. I researched to find who it was too and bought mine from them. Inwont go anywhere else!! Lifetime guarantee on them!! This company is so great!!! And the owners are just amazing people!!

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