Maverick flight boots from first Top Gun movie?

Boy is it hard to find a good pic of those boots! When in doubt, I always turn to the navy themselves. If you want a genuine USN sanctioned boot that's close enough, page 117 of NAVAIR 13-1-6.7-2 shows the Belleville 330ST approved for all aircrew members. (These boots are brown, Mav's were black, but you can always dye them if you want to break tradition like he did)
Looking at the pics I could find Addison doesn't seem to be it; you could try Corcoran but most of their boots have a toe cap that's inaccurate. Here's some of the best pics I could find:


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Looks like simple nam era combat boots in the pics above.

I had totally different Flight Boots when I was in USAF which I have never seen commercially available

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