Mauser replicas in the UK


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Just wanted to ask if any people here in the UK can tell me where i can buy a decent Mauser replica here in the UK? Most sites ask for you to be a member of a re-enactment club or something similar.

Amy help is greatly appreciated.



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Try Graham Currie Militaria.

He will ship (legally,) but will charge extea as he has to paint the barrel red. That said, it was a pretty soft paint and i was able to get it all off with steel wool in about 30 minutes, with virtually no marks to the original finish underneath.


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Are you looking for a Denix or a Airsoft version?

I've got a number of the Denix Mausers that I've used for my Blaster builds from Relics

they send it with coloured tape on along with the instruction that if it is removed it must then be painted in an appropriate bright colour (but the responsibility is yours)

they are a bit expensive compared to what our US cousins pay for these but there aren't a lot of options here in the U.K.

I don't know about the Airsoft I keep debating picking up an all metal airsoft version from somewhere for a TFA build at somepoint


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