Mattel Pinocchio Marionette


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Just wanted to show off my latest pick up and ask a few questions about it. This is a limited edition Pinocchio marionette made by Mattel in 1998. From the limited information I've found out, it retailed for $200 but they didn't sell well. Supposedly disney had them recalled because they did not like the dark wood stain used on Pinocchio's face. Its a really amazing piece it may not be life-sized but I think it is even nicer than the Master Replica's version. Being made from real wood it certainly looks much more authentic to the actual movie than the Master Replica's one. I see this one pop up on eBay from time to time usually between $150-$700. So I wanted to ask if anyone had any more info about this little guy, particularly how many were made/out their in private hands.


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I believe they made something like 20845 of them in the edition size.
How many survived recall is probably not recorded. I see them pop up all the time and sell from $300-700 from time to time on Amazon...
Well listed at those prices but never followed to see if there are buyers.
The old saying stands true: "it is worth whatever someone is willing to pay you".
I think it is totally worth the money and I would proudly display one in my office.


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I picked this guy up for $157 and was pretty happy with it, a previous one I had been watching for a month got snatched up when the seller lowered the price. Ive always wanted a replica of pinocchio since I was a little kid and this guy is pretty much perfect. That's a much larger edition size than I thought it would be. Do you know if Mattel has made any other similar disney collectable props? My wife is kinda a disney nut......
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