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    So, I'm about a decade late with this one, but you've got to love the classics, right? :D

    Anyway, I recently managed to get my hands on one of the long discontinued Abbyshot Lobby coats and have started to put together a Neo costume from the first Matrix film (or the only Matrix film if you ask me ;)) I've had a look around the RPF and a few other sites and there is frustratingly little information I can find on others who have also done this costume.

    From what I have managed to dig up I've realised that getting accurate boots is going to be next to impossible (at least without taking out a mortgage) so I'm going to have to cross that bridge later. For now though, I'm looking for information on the construction of all the straps and holsters and whatnot. I've had a look at some screen shots from the film and watched the lobby scene a good few times, but there aren't really any clear shots that are of much use and I'm a bit lost.

    So, any help would be hugely appreciated.


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