Materials for casting mold? (iron man)


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Hey guys,

After building an Iron Man suit for Comic Con, I wanted to build another for Halloween. I've done a little research into molding, and my plans are to make molds of my first suit and touch it up and change the paint scheme. I have a bunch of left over Smooth-Cast 321 that I could use to cast the molds and make another hard suit, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a material I could use to have a more flexible but strong suit - something akin to the foam suits I see you guys making. I tried a foam build and quickly gave up. I'll have to revisit that later. In the meantime, if I can cast with something that will come out similar in strength and elasticity, I think I can make the deadline.

Oh! to be clear, I'm not asking about how to make the mold; I've already started that. Just wondering about what to pout into it!

I'm not opposed to making another hard suit, but it's be nice to be able to sit down and have a bourbon at the Halloween party :love Thanks for your help!
Wow, I was actually hoping someone would know if there were an appropriate Smooth-On product. Do you think these would work for making a whole suit strength-wise? Thanks!
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